4 interesting careers options for history graduates

History has always been focused upon as an important part of the educational curriculum at the school level. However, after school, there are only a few who wish to become practicing historians, the reason being that if history is pitted against various other subjects from a career perspective, it is viewed as a very practical option. Here is the truth: history is a very practical subject and there are endless career options where you can be as successful as you would in any other domain. Moreover, a career in history might just be more satisfying and something that could quench your underlying desire to know the world better. Content creator Any industry that has anything to do with history would want a trained historian. Museums, libraries, and archeological organizations look for professionals who have a good grasp of history so that relevant data can be excavated from large archives. Researching and developing content are valued here. Even if designing is involved, the content creators can help direct the design form correctly. Since history majors have already acquired the right writing and research skills, and have the knowledge of historical and artistic periods, they are the right fit for becoming exhibit coordinators or content creators at the very least. Secondary school teacher or professor If you have loved history all through your schooling and college years, you might as well offer that passion to the next generation. As a teacher, or as a professor, your job role is to make students aware of their historical past, of how rich and interesting it is. Though you would be preparing them for qualifying exams, your inherent purpose would always be transcending the passion amongst pupils. You would be required to maintain a disciplined decorum amongst students so that they are able to focus more clearly on the subject. You may make this process even more palatable by using podcasts, whiteboards, and other equipment with which students will not find the classes boring. Lawyer A very common trend among history graduates is taking up law as a profession, and there is a valid reason for it. History students are academically trained to not just collect historical data but even analyze it. The same skill can be used to devise arguments based on preexisting historical data. It might not be an easy task, to devour upon large chunks of data and then explore it for flaws or patterns, but a history major has been engineered to do just that. A lawyer’s annual salary ranges from $57,340 to $208,000. Anthropologist Anthropology deals with looking at the historical aspects of humanity and how these aspects have contributed to modern society. Your specialization could further diversify into: 

  • Social and cultural anthropology
  • Linguistic anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Physical anthropology

With a Master’s degree in History or a specialization in Anthropology, you can expect to earn somewhere between $36,390 and $99,580.