3 factors that cause dry hair

Dry hair is a condition that can occur due to a plethora of factors. These factors can range from genetics and medication to something as simple as the weather. Not only does dry hair look unappealing, but it also leads to several problems like breakage and hair loss. Treating dry hair may require a lot of trials and errors. However, it is essential to find a solution that works for you as it can prevent further damage in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to treat dry hair, chances are that you do not need to look beyond your home. Before you start trying out various treatment, you should know about the potential causes that can lead to dry hair. Some factors that can cause dry hair are: Extreme temperatures If you happen to reside in a region with extreme temperatures, especially a place with constantly changing weather, your hair has to adjust to these fluctuations. In such a case, you may face the problem of dry hair as the changing temperatures strip away all the moisture from your hair. Out of all weathers, cold weather is the worst as it can cause your hair to become dull. It can also increase the risk of split ends. In some cases, you might experience hair loss due to the loss of moisture from hair. Over or under washing Do you ever wonder whether you are not shampooing your hair enough? The answer to this question depends on who’s asking it. However, two or three times a week is the recommended frequency for most people. A large group of people, particularly women with long hair, feel uneasy if they don’t shampoo their hair every day. However, shampooing too often can lead to the loss of natural oils from your hair. Loss of these oils can lead to an itchy and dry scalp, along with dry hair. Your hair may also end up looking dry if you do not shampoo it often. In this case, under washing allows oils and products to accumulate, and this restricts the release of natural oils. Excessive heat styling Is it surprising to know that the overuse of hair dryers and curlers, among other tools, can cause dry hair? However, how do you know how much use is too much? If you observe that your hair is dry and brittle even after getting numerous trims, there’s a high chance that the damage is due to the use of styling tools. The best way to avoid this problem is to gradually reduce their usage and embrace the natural texture of your hair. It is advisable to use protective hair sprays before using any styling tools if you cannot avoid or reduce the use of these tools. If you take adequate care of your hair, you can reduce the risk of dry hair.