5 career choices as an allied health professional

If you are recently appearing or have already appeared for the Allied Health Professions Admission Test (AHPAT), chances are that you already know about the heaping rewards of being an Allied Health Professional. Apart from having immense opportunities in the health market, the professionals have flexibility and a higher pay package. So, if you are keen on joining the bandwagon, we have a list of five lucrative career choices you may opt for as an allied health professional: 

  • Occupational therapist As an occupational therapist, you will be looking after ill, differently-abled, or injured people in need of something more than just medical attention. You will be helping these patients through therapy by working on their mental, emotional, and physical needs, thereby letting them lead a normal life. While a Master’s degree in the field is required to practice, you also need to be registered and get a license to work in the country.
  • Nutritionist With more and more people wanting to develop a healthier lifestyle and lose extra weight, the role of a nutritionist is utmost importance. With the growing demand of dieticians and nutritionist in the market, the pay scale is also on the rise. After appearing for the Allied Health Professions Admission Test, you may get a bachelor’s degree and start practicing nutrition. You must also note that a lot of states in the country require an active license to let you work as a nutritionist.
  • Surgical technologist As a surgical technologist, you will be assisting the surgeons and nurses in the operation room. Your primary task would be to facilitate the operation so that the right equipment is available when the surgeon needs it. You will also be required to assist the nurses in post-operative care. An associate degree or a certificate program in the field is all it requires for you to start working.
  • Dental hygienists As a dental hygienist, you are required to check on patients for oral diseases. You need to keep a check on their dental hygiene on a regular basis and call them for a checkup from time to time. Apart from this, as an allied health professional in this field, you will be required to educate the patients on ways to improve their dental health. The American Dental Association (ADA) gives accreditation if you want to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in the field. Also, you need to be licensed to start practicing in the country.

MRI technologist As technical as it might sound, the role of an MRI technologist is to work under the instructions of radiologists and doctors and work with MRI machines. Your primary job will be to create images and prepare a medical report based on the MRI scan of a patient. A two-year certificate program in the field is necessary to start working in this field.