5 career options for anthropology majors

Getting a major in anthropology will give you a diverse set of skills which you can use for different types of jobs. You can work in fields ranging from law to public health and even the educational sector. If you are looking at pursuing a formal education in anthropology, then you can check out these career options open to you after completing the course: Attorney You can choose to become an attorney and pursue a career in immigration, international law, and most importantly, human rights law. As an anthropology major, you may have developed general sympathy towards underrepresented individuals. If you wish to advocate and represent citizens from an underprivileged background, then you can consider this option. In fact, a degree in law and anthropology will help you achieve an illustrious career as a lawyer while you handle pro-bono cases. Diversity officer As the term suggests, being a diversity officer means that you can work towards promoting diversity in different organizations across the globe. For this job, having an anthropology major would help as you are capable of understanding various cultures and socio-economic groups. These jobs involve the analysis of current situations and ensuring that the organization adapts accordingly. Diversity officers are also responsible for finding different ways to make organizations more diverse by suggesting methods to recruit people from distinct backgrounds. Foreign language teacher Having an anthropology major would help you in pursuing a career as a foreign languages teacher. You can teach students to write, understand, and speak a foreign language. Due to globalization, more and more people want to learn different languages. Additionally, foreign language teachers also educate students about the culture of the concerned language’s country, which is where anthropology skills would be handy. Foreign service officer A foreign service officer serves as a diplomat and works for the government. These officers need to understand the cultural and social aspects of the countries that they visit. This training will not only encourage them to study but also give them ways to carry out diplomatic activities more efficiently and responsibly. Additionally, such an education will enable students to develop problem-solving skills, which will help them solve the problems that may come up in the course of their career. Human resources representative Every corporation requires a Human Resources (HR) team to delegate the roles that are usually carried out by different employees. Such individuals help in maintaining the culture of the office. They can foster productivity, creativity, and even loyalty among the staff. An understanding of different cultures would make such a job easier. A major in anthropology will help a candidate in carrying out these activities efficiently, as an understanding of people from different backgrounds is quite beneficial. If none of the careers options mentioned above appeal to you, then you can even choose to pursue a field which is not related to anthropology per se such as an interpreter, media planner, social media specialist, and public health specialist. You have endless options. You only need to pick a career through which you can make a difference in society.