5 highest paying engineering careers

Engineering still emerges as one of the highest paying careers across the world. With a range of job types available, which pay a handsome remuneration, engineering is a field pursued by many. Having a couple of years under his belt, an experienced engineer can aim for a salary that can go up to $98,000 a year. However, this can depend a lot on the field of engineering you pick. For example, a mechanical engineer makes more than an agricultural engineer. With a lot of options available, it can get confusing to pick the right field in engineering that can help you earn good money. Here’s an insight into some of the highest paying fields in engineering to help you choose the best. Petroleum Engineering Petroleum engineering tops the list of highest paying engineering fields. This field is expected to show a growth rate of 15% during the period between 2016 and 2026. This is more than twice the growth rate projected for the complete occupation. For freshers, the industry norm is $90,827 a year and when they reach the mid of their career, this amount goes up to an average of $170,782 per year. Mining Engineering The job of a mining engineering revolves around constructing and planning of mines that extract minerals such as coal. There are several options available in mining engineering, but people who get a degree specifically in mining end up making a handsome package. At the starting, a mining engineer makes about $71000 a year and by the time he reaches mid of his career, he makes about $108,083 per year. Marine Engineering Less commonly pursued than other fields, marine engineering, nonetheless, is also one of the highest paying fields of engineering. The outlook for marine engineers is good. The field is expected to see a job growth rate of 12% between 2016 and 2026. At the time of their entry, marine engineers make an average salary of $68,750 a year and by the time they reach the mid of their career, they are making at least $106,267 per year. Systems Engineering The job of a systems engineer focuses on designing and managing of complex systems. This includes systems of spacecraft and robotics. On an average, there are 900 people who graduate from this field every year. A systems engineer makes an average of $66,357 a year when he enters the field. As he reaches the mid of his career, the average salary climbs up to $120,000 a year Metallurgical Engineering Engineers from this field study the physical and chemical components of metallic elements and their alloys. Not amongst the common fields of engineering, there are only 170 students on an average who graduate from this field every year. When they enter their jobs, metallurgical engineers make an average of $65,400 a year. This climbs up to $97,500 a year when they reach the mid of their careers. Also, students who get metallurgical engineering degrees from universities such as Colorado School of Mines or Montana Tech of the University of Montana secure better packages than others.