A healthy diet plan to gain weight

For some people, trying to gain weight can be as tough as trying to lose weight. People often resort to medicines and other treatment in order to gain weight. This, however, can cause certain side-effects, leaving an individual helpless. A rich but healthy diet can help one gain weight gradually without any complications. Additionally, one can also source organic foods to have a healthy diet for weight gain. It is always advised to do your research well or consult a dietician, if required. A healthy diet for weight gain consists of healthy foods at the right time. 

  • Breakfast (8 to 9 AM) In the morning, one must consume one glass of warm milk, tea or fresh juice. Along with that, boiled eggs or three toasted brown bread with 2 tablespoon peanut butter is ideal. One can also substitute cottage cheese with like cashew paste or avocado paste and have it with two slices of pita bread and mashed potato. This will fill you up and boost your weight. Good carbs and proteins help one to stay active until lunch time and maintains energy throughout the day. Never skip breakfast if you plan to gain weight. Consume more calories and essential nutrients. Do not rely on packaged foods or processed foods for weight gain as these contain bad fats, which could lead to health complications. Eating healthy and gaining weight is better in the long run.
  • Lunch (12 TO 1 PM) In the afternoon, have two cups of sweet unflavored yogurt with three slices of toasted bread or 4 slices of pita bread along with a bowl of rice or green leafy vegetables or lentil soup. If you are still full from breakfast, you can go for a complete green leaf salad for lunch with chicken and cottage cheese instead. You can even include vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, cabbage, cottage cheese blue or mozzarella and shredded chicken to this salad. This is indeed a refreshing meal as it energizes you and keeps you active throughout. A good quantity of vegetables has nutritious values that help with both weight loss or weight gain.
  • Evening snack (4.30 TO 5 PM) By this time people often feel the need to have something crunchy with tea or coffee. Instead, have a banana or mango shake with two slices of brown bread and cottage cheese. If you are craving something crunchy, go for baked wafers as they are healthier than fried wafers. One can also choose to have fruits or a small bar of dark chocolate. This will leave your stomach full until your next meal.

Dinner (7.30 to 8 PM) For dinner, 3 slices of pita bread glazed with butter and green vegetables is ideal. However, if you want something light, a bowl of lentil soup or baked meat and leafy vegetable salad can also be consumed. Wash it down with a cup of tea. Never drink coffee after dinner as it could disturb your sleep cycle. Dinner should be eaten in small portions 2 to 3 hours prior to your bedtime. Stop yourself from binge eating at night as it could lead to problems with digestion.